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Ma’isah & Fee

Dancer, Dreamer, Seeker, Teacher.

Ma’isah is acclaimed Australian bellydance fusion dancer and teacher, and the creator of dance format, ‘Elysium Fusion’, her BellyDance fusion style ‘for the ethereal soul’. She is also the creator of the annual community group performance projects ‘PseudoSkirt’ and ‘ShimmySkirt’ that at major dance events across Australia since 2008 has involves up to 100 dancers annually. As a bellydance artist of multiple modalities, Ma’isah is a devoted student and a skilled instructor. A sought after artist and instructor, her passion for teaching and respect for her craft motivates her to offer the best she can in every situation as a student, teacher and mentor.

Ma’isah has been a performer and instructor at the following events:

  • Tribal Fest (USA) 2014, 2015
  • Gothla (USA) 2010
  • The WAMED festival (WA) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Tribal and Trance festival (NSW) 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016
  • The Newcastle Bellydance festival (NSW) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Evernight (NSW) 2009, 2010, 2014
  • UnEarthed (VIC) 2012
  • The Kismet festival (VIC) 2013
  • Serpent Rising (NSW) 2015
  • Sydney Middle Eastern Dance festival (SA) 2016
  • Fire in the Belly (WA) 2013, 2016
  • The Coffs Harbour Hafla (NSW) 2014, 2016
  • Assiut and Tie (VIC) 2015

and many more…

As an ex-pat Aussie in New York in 1999, Ma’isah fell in love with bellydance and from the beginning adapted this to create and explore her own expression. Moving back home to Australia in 2001, she continued to study, explore and developed her unique style incorporating some principals of ATS and tribal influences with her Egyptian dance foundation and her love of Classic, graceful and ethereal influences to create ‘Elysium’.
Her dance journey to date includes classes and workshops with many inspirational instructors across many disciplines, including:

  • Safiya (USA)
  • Rachel Brice (USA)
  • Anandha Ray (USA)
  • Zoe Jakes (USA)
  • Didi Doreet Gorden (USA)
  • Carolena Nerriccio (USA)
  • Ozgen (TURKEY/UK)
  • Mohamed Kazafy (EGYPT)
  • Virginia Mazri (EGYPT/AUS)
  • Na’ilah (AUS)
  • Melusina (AUS)
  • Belyssa (AUS)
  • Devi Mamak (AUS)
  • Rose Ottaviano (AUS)
  • Phynia (AUS)
  • Xaeda Raqasar (AUS)

and many more…

Constantly evolving, learning and growing as a dancer, Ma’isah’s goals include inspiring and developing beautiful fusion belly dancers with her Elysium format. in 2016 Ma’isah formed SEMRA her Elysium performance troupe. and her PseudoSkirt project has now evolved to support performance creatives in a paid position as Project Directors to develop and manage a performance group using the Elysium format under Mentorship with Ma’isah. For more about the PseudoSkirt Project Director’s role. Click here to learn more: (INFO COMING SOON!)

The Elysium format teacher training program and level certification program, as well as online classes will be available in 2017. Click here to learn more: (INFO COMING SOON!)


Princess Fee is my North Star. A fusion and Oriental dancer like myself for many years she was sharing my style and vision before Elysium was birthed and named as a format and has help shape and direct the possibilities from the very beginning. She has danced with me since 2008 as both a group project director and as my duet partner, and has participated in each and every PseudoSkirt and ShimmySkirt project, Dark Djinn @ WAMED project. As an accomplished dancer and teacher in her own right it was an honor for me that she became my first Elysium teacher and offers classes in Perth WA, and has an Elysium performance troupe as well.


From Fiona:

I am a passionate dancer with more than 20 years of experience in Middle Eastern and Fusion dance. I have widely eclectic tastes and love so many different styles of dance, from the sunshine of cabaret, shaabi and Khaleegy to the shadows of spooky and slinky Gothic. I was one of the first to pick up Ma’isah’s call to participate in an online choreography project in 2008 (The inaugural ‘Skirt Experience) and haven’t looked back! I love the Elysium format with the smooth movement of energy through the body, the graceful sway of the torso and the luscious internal control. The safe dance practices built in to the structure of each of the moves resonates with my slathering inner safe-dance rabidity. It also makes choreography a breeze!!
I have the privilege to be the first (hopefully of many!) Elysium teachers here in my hometown of Perth WA where I teach Elysium as a cue-and-response improvisation style dance. My troupe, the Ruffles of Doom, perform this as improv at our many haflas and concerts in Perth, as well as using the combinations to create choreographies and joint dance challenges with other dance troupes.

For more information about Princess Fee and what her classes are like, check out her website www.PrincessFeeBellydance.com.